MEDELGYMPA 3 Foto Chrisander Brun.jpeg

Residence at Hallen, Skellefteå

In april-may we will continue our work with the upcoming performance Medelgympa, during a residence in Skellefteå. 
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mellan husen på brandbergens topp

Making dance film in Brandbergen

Our dance film Mellan husen på Brandbergens topp premieres on May 24th in Brandbergen cinema. 
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Music & Movement Management

We are  a part of a new project that aims to develop ten music and dance artists in their works over the course of one year.
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Koreografin Foto Linnea Sundling.jpg

The Choreography at Bibu 2022

The Choreography was selected for Bibu 2022 taking place in Helsingborg, in the Young Swedstage section.
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Koreografin Foto Rebecka Holmström

The Choreography to Ice Hot Helsinki 2022

We are incredibly happy to have been selected for the Nordic dance platform Ice Hot, in June 2022. 
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Antologi för en flerspråkig scenkonst Foto Tomas Gunnarsson

Order our anthology online

Our first publication Antologi för en flerspråkig scenkonst (ed. Haglund, Styrke & Wiklund) was published in 2020. 
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January 2022

17-21 January - Platsverkstan Dans, Residence Brandbergen

February 2022

14-18 February - The Choreography, Botkyrka

21-25 February - The Choreography, Österåker

28 February - Medelgympa, Residence Gula Villan, Järna

March 2022

1-4 March - Medelgympa, Residence Gula Villan, Järna

April 2022

4-6 April - The Choreography, Västerås

25-29 April - Medelgympa, Residence Skellefteå

29 April - Post Wedding Depression, Örebro, Karlskoga, Hallsberg

May 2022

2-6 May - Medelgympa, Residence Skellefteå

17-21 May - The Choreography at Bibu Helsingborg, Read more >

June 2022

2-3 June - Medelgympa, Premiere at Weld, Stockholm

5 June - Medelgympa, Gula villan Järna


6 June - Medelgympa, Midsommargården Stockholm

11 June - Medelgympa, Rådsparken Huddinge

29 June-3 July - Ice Hot Helsinki, Read more >